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Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine

  • Technical parameters

Face Mask Ear Loop Welding Machine 

This machine is to put 3-7 mm wide elastic belt  on the both sides of the face mask blank by the ultrasonic welding. Only 1 operator is needed to put the face mask blank on the moving belt one by one and  the finished face mask will be made by the machine automatically. On the basic of the old-style mask machine, this machine has  a more stable and high output and changed its  rotating way for the ear-loop.


*For non woven mask ear loop welding

*High production capacity, up to 40 pcs/minute

*Automatic production with excellent welding effect

*Suitable for 2-4 layers non woven blank mask

*Stable quality and performance


Suitable Mask Size 


Power Supply


          Machine Size 

175MM×95 MM

125MM×80 MM

 2-4 layers

 220V /380V

 4 KW

(L)500×(W)100×(H)150 CM

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